So, I’ve Decided To Write a Memoir….

Yeah, I know, that kinda came out of nowhere, but it’s true. I’ve wanted to write a book for a long time, but I always lose inspiration, or run out of steam. Those, however, have always been fictional tales. This one is not, hence why it’s called a Memoir.

I’m mulling over the idea of posting chapters here. I don’t want to post the whole book here, but that would defeat the purpose of trying to sell it. I will, however, post the preface here for anyone to read, and maybe I’ll follow it up with a few chapters here and there.

I’ve set a goal for myself, which will hopefully help me complete this journey. 200-250 pages, or 40k-50k words. Whichever comes first. I know that’s not that long, but if I don’t set a goal, then this thing will never end. Either way, I hope that this all works out, and that my “work” can entertain, educate, and inspire! Sounds grandiose, but hey, might as well shoot for the stars!