Something, Something, Spectrum


I am so freaking pissed. So pissed, that I had to record an episode while driving home from work. This is the episode where I let my full Texan out, and rant about the Cowboys for nearly an hour.

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  • We were so close, we almost tasted it. It was there, right there, but we couldn't have it. Walmart took it from us. They took our joy, and for that they MUST PAY!
  • Today we're reviewing Mafia: The Definitive Edition, the remake of the classic 2003 mob 3rd person shooter Mafia.
  • I attempted to talk about something rather important on this episode, but my internet decided to shit itself, causing me to have to deal with a multitude of trouble shooting issues. Probably isn't the best one to listen too.
  • This episode was streamed live on Youtube and Twitch over on The Autistic Cowboy channel. I rant about all things from the notorious "McPlant" to the extreme value of Game Pass. A little bit of everything is covered in this episode.
  • This episode was livestreamed on Twitch! It was mostly a test episode, so I ramble on about a lot of different things.
  • My computer died, so now I'm back to my wife's old laptop in an effort to maintain the channel and podcast. Fun!
  • Start with the Geoff Ramnsey accusation and statement right off the bat. From there, I go into much lighter content about Tony Hawk, Mafia, Mario, and other video game related stuff.
  • Trigger Warning: Sex, Sexual Assault, and Rape are discussed in detail. If those are triggering to you, I suggest you don't listen.
  • I try my best to explain my thoughts on the ongoing situation involving Ryan Haywood of Achievement Hunter and Adam Kovic of Funhaus sexually taking advantage of young fans. It hurts and it was hard to talk about, having been a fan of them for so long.
  • Make sure to check out Ckbirds on YouTube! His Madden video is what sparked this whole episode! Today, we look at 154 Madden simulations and find out just how many teams made the Super Bowl, which ones won, and who made MVP the most! The results might surprise you!