Baby Shark is Rich as F#@%!:

How Much Money Do Those “Baby Shark” Videos Make?

By Colby Stamport

   Just about everyone these days dreams about becoming a millionaire, especially as chaos in the world takes a turn for the worst. It's only natural. I think about it all of the time, but with a particular spin. I not only dream of becoming a millionaire and all the things I could do with that money, but I think specifically about becoming a YouTube millionaire. I don't know if it's just my generation, or if it's because I make YouTube videos myself, but I constantly think about making it big through YouTube. Many people have the same thought, but few ever realize the dream. The people behind PinkFong, however, are one of the few. 
   Who are/is PinkFong? They're the YouTube channel responsible for keeping millions of little kids around the world entertained and distracted on their parent's phone, so they can desperatly get some time to themselves. Kids are hard to deal with. Who knew? You may know PinkFong as the "Baby Shark" guys, as their Baby Shark video set off a wave of reuploads, imitators, and so on. I don't know too much about them, other than their just a children's entertainment/education channel that has over 1,500 videos, most of which are popular children's nursery rhymes, and remixes of said songs. It seems pretty simple and innocent, but this channel has over 36 million subscribers, and is secretly a YouTube juggernaut, especially when it comes to money.

   Before we get into the nitty gritty of the money situation, let's talk about "Baby Shark". The song became a world wide phenomenon, with their Baby Shark Dance video reaching over 5 billion views alone. The song itself is not new at all, but you may not have known that, as it seems the song just appeared out of nowhere, but the song is quite old. It's a campfire song that goes back to the early 20th century, similar to Camp Town Racers and the like. Even Videos of the song are nothing new, as in 2007 a German dance version, Kleiner Hai, became incredibly popular as well, but when you look up Baby Shark, chances are the one you will find is the PinkFong version.

   Now comes the fun part! The Money! But it needs to be known that these are not official numbers at all, nor do I have any inside knowledge. I just had the idea to do the math a little while ago, and became fascinated with just how much freaking money this little kids channel has made, or at least, could have made. It's possible that PinkFong has no ad or sponsorship deals, and make no money off any of the videos that they put out there, but considering how often these videos are uploaded, and the fact that there's both singing and animation, it's safe to say that they're making some kind of money. Again, I don't have any specifics. This is just going off of general information. The amount of money they've made could be way lower than I estimate. Then again, it could also be way higher.

   On to the criteria. How exactly am I figuring all of this? What data am I using? Like I said above, this is all very surface level and general information. I know from looking at their channel that they have posted around 1,500 videos, and have been on YouTube for a little over 8 years. To make this easier, we're going to round those numbers to exactly 1,500 videos and exactly 8 years. As for how much money they've made, I'm assuming they're just running one ad per video. Most people run multiple ads, have multiple sponsors, and sell stuff as well, but we're just going to use one ad, or one general ad. It's just like if you monetized you're own YouTube channel, and made money off of ad views. The amount can be very little, but if your channel gets MEGA views, like PinkFong, you can turn cents into millions!

   Speaking of turning cents into millions, how exactly am I doing that? I'm using information provided by Influencer Marketing Hub. According to them, advertiser rates vary pretty dramatically. The rate is usually 10 to 30 cents per view, with an average of 18 cents per view, however, the average YouTube channel can see 18 dollars per 1,000 ad views, which averages out to about 3 to 5 dollars per 1,000 video views. Just because someone views the video doesn't mean that they viewed the ad. This makes it difficult to get a real number, but don't worry, I have figured out a way. I'm going to give you a range of possible revenue PinkFong could have made. I'm going to do this by taking the low ends of both metrics. I'm going to use 10 cents per view to show the amount they could have made if every viewer watched ads, and I'm going to use 3 dollars per 1,000 video views to show what they could've made if not everyone watched ads. Basically, at the end of this, you're going to get two stupidly huge numbers either way.

   But wait! In order to calculate that, you would need to know how many views they've had over their lifetime. You're right, and that is information I simply don't have, but what I can do is take my best educated guess. I'm going to need to figure an average of how many views per video they gotten over their lifetime. I know that just one of their videos has over 5 billion views, so that skews the average right there, but not every video does that well. Looking at the latest 20 or so uploads I've found that their view count varies wildly. For every video that has just 500k views there's a video that has 3-5 million views. So, in order to get a decent average, I'm going to take it from their most recent 20 videos, but since they're recent, and may not reflect the channel as a whole, I'm going to figure how much money they've made from just Baby Shark, using the same data set above, then add those number to the totals at the end. I could though its views into the average, but 5 billion is one hell of a skew on the average.

   Alright, over their last 20 videos, they've amassed 21,063,000 views in total, which is an average of 1,053,150 views per video. Safe to say that they're doing pretty well when it comes to views. We're going to start with the low end, which is the 3 dollars per 1,000 views metric. 1,053,150 divided by 1,000 gives us 1,053.15. Take the 1,053.15 and multiply it by 3, and that should give us 3,159.45 dollars per video. That's not bad. Multiply that by their total number of videos, 1,500, and that gives us 4,739,175 dollars lifetime. That's a lot of money, even if it is on the low end. Hell, that means they've made at least 63,189 dollars over there last 20 videos. That 20th video, by the way, was posted just 3 weeks ago. They've made over 60 thousand dollars, which is more than double the average yearly salary for most people in the US, in just 3 weeks! That's a lot of money.

   Now, let's switch over to our high end figure. Same 1,053,150 views per video, but using 10 cents a view this time. For one video, they made at least 105,315 dollars. That's just for one video! Over their lifetime, that's a possible 157,972,500 dollars. I wasn't kidding when I called this the high end. What makes this number even crazier is that I'm not using the average or the possible high of 30 cents a view. This high end estimation is using the lowest revenue per view, and it still adds up to nearly 160 million dollars!

   With all of this "fun" math and data done, we can now figure that PinkFong has made anywhere from 4.7 million dollars to 157 million dollars over the past 8 years, which equates to 592,396.88 dollars to 19,746,562.50 dollars a year. That's pretty good for a channel that just posts public domain nursery rhymes, and I know that there is a HUGE difference between those two numbers, but if I'm being perfectly honest, I'd be ok with either. Hell, I'd be completely happy making 500 grand in 8 years, let alone nearly 600 grand a year!
   One might think that we're done, considering that all of the math is done, but wait! There's more! Yes, there's secret math to be done. I know. In most situations, secret math sucks, but I have a feeling that this is worth it. Plus, you're not the one having to do it. I'm doing all the work!

   Anyway, remember how I said that their "Baby Shark" video has over 5 billion views? Well, it's time to see just how rich a baby shark really is. 1000 times 1000 equals 1,000,000. Pretty simple, right? That shows just how big a million really is. It's a thousand thousand. That's like a lot. Well, 1 billion is SO MUCH MORE. 1,000,000 times 1,000 equals 1,000,000,000. A billion is a thousand million. Dear God, that's a lot. This is all to say that there is a lot of HUGE number and BIG math involved in this calculation. Starting with our low end of 3 dollars per thousand views, Baby Shark has made, and get ready for this, 15 MILLION dollars. That's the freaking low end. Not only is this the low end, but this is just ONE video with ONE ad. 15 million dollars. As for the high end, good God. At just 10 cents per view, it equals 500 million dollars. IT'S JUST ONE VIDEO! That's half a billion dollars for a stupid shark song!

   Now, we take the stupid shark money and add it to our possible income. Low end added to low end, and high end added to high end. Pretty simple. With that, we get a possible revenue of 19,739,175 to 657,972,500 dollars over 8 years. Anyway you cut that, that's a stupid amount of money. That video alone made more money than their ENTIRE channel, going by our numbers. In order to break this up to get a yearly amount, I have to split some numbers. The "Baby Shark" video was only posted three years ago, so I can't exactly spread it over 8 years. So, for the 5 years, using our numbers, they made somewhere around 592k to 19.7 million dollars a year, which isn't bad money at all. Over just the last 3 years, they have made around 6,579,725 to 219,324,166 dollars a year. ALL FOR A STUPID SHARK SONG!

   It's important to remember that these numbers are all surface level estimations that could be completely wrong in any direction, but DEAR LORD is the potential money that was made off of this just freaking insane!
So, what have we learned from all of this? Hell if I know! Other than shark song make money, and the public domain seems to be an untapped gold mine, I have honestly no idea. Maybe, just maybe, people like sharks. Wait a minute, THAT'S IT!I should've seen it before. The Jaws series, Shark Week, it's all connected. Everybody, quick! Invest in sharks! It's the only way to save the economy!

*This article was in no way paid for or written by a shark, multiple sharks, or any kind of shark lobby. I mean, come on! We don’t even have hands! How are we supposed to write with fins? Anyway, also invest in chum. Chum is good too.